RIP King of Pop


Michael Jackson B. 1959 D. 2009

As you all know by now Michael Jackson died yesterday as the result of a heart attack at age 50. His is survived by 3 chimps, an elephant, a few giraffes, Tito, and some rhinestone gloves. Ill remember Michael Jackson for a multitude of things. His music was awesome but his personal life was just plain weird. I wonder if his pee-pee is still black? Did it retain its size after Michael went white? So many unanswered questions about this music legend. Sucks for all the people he owed money to though. I wonder if he faked his own death. Conspiracy theories are sure to pop up. If I have time later Ill whip up a quick 5 Awesome Friday, smell ya later (grabs crotch and moonwalks away.)


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