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Whats up, first and foremost let me apologize for lack of updates. I have been really busy at work and didnt want to put up some subpar material. This is a very sincere apology (wanking motion). This blog is probably less than a month old, and already I want to switch some stuff up. Ive decided that I will still do entries like the ones before, with the lists and pictures and specific themes, but not as frequently as before. I want to be able to just pop in when I have ten minutes of free time and bang out a post of what Ive been pondering lately. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy making big posts with pictures and stuff, but with work being as hectic as it is and the internet not set up at home yet, it just isnt feasible. That being said, this is whats been up with me lately...

Work. Basketball. Manayunk.

Ive been working 45-50 hours a week, Im currently in two basketball leagues, and Ive been having a blast with the warmer weather in Manayunk. Work is work, so Ill spare you that explanation. For basketball, my awesome/handsome team won on Monday night in the quarterfinals meaning we play for a spot in the championship next Monday. Ive played in the Total Body League twice before and have come away with the 'chip twice, so Im not trying to break the streak. Tonight, an outdoor league, in Oreland, I am playing in kicks off at 7. Its calling for rain but I said fuck that noise and did an anti-rain dance in the parking lot. This one woman thought I was playing "air hackeysack". Ok neither of those events happened, but its funny to pretend it did. Lastly, living in Manayunk is awesome. Everything is within walking distance, there are lots of bars/restaurants, and tons of cute girls. Maybe Ill talk to a few of them sometime.

I cant really think of anything else to write about now, so Im going to show you two things that I bought today from Finishline.com since they were having a big sale:

They are only $50 bucks and are pretty different from any shoe that Ive had before. I like the look of the patent leather and overall color scheme, so hopefully cute girls will like them too. Maybe they will like them so much that they will correlate the size of the shoes on my feet to the size of other parts of my body. Psst...I mean...my...DICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also bought this duffel bag. Its a big one and it was only $20 so I figured why not. Plus I dont currently own such a bag, nor have I for the last 3-4 years. Im not even lying. I used to go on canning trips or weekend jaunts using either a milk crate or a brown paper grocery bag. Sometimes I would class it up and put my belongings in a school bag. Now its straight high class with this baby.

Im sure most people have read the customer reviews for the three wolf t-shirt but if you havent, check the link out. Its amazon.com so its SFW. I had thought about leaving a comment about the duffel bag because its such a random object and doesnt really need a review. You could be like "I put all my stuff in it then zipped it up. I also used the straps to carry it wherever I was going. A+++++", ya know? Its a duffel bag, you shove your shit into it then proceed to take things out when needed. Here are some reviews I was thinking about leaving:

"Can fit a whole dead hooker inside"

"I was able to fit $87,000 in one-dollar bills in this thing! Pac-Man aint got shit on me with his hefty bag!"

"Feeds family of 5 for a week. Straps are a little dry. Drink a white wine with this product"

"I used this to smuggle drugs through air security. Contents visible through x-ray scan. Do not buy."

"Ive been homeless for a year and this is the only bag I would endorse."

Also, in addition to winning the basketball game on Monday, I also won two other things. I won a $25 gift certificate in the monthly drawing to the pizza place, Santucci Brothers and also a free OPEN BAR (my two favorite words) at Mad River, from 8-10 on Friday. So if anyone wants to eat some pizza with me or poison their livers hit me up. Lastly, this weekend is the Manayunk Bike Race. Should be a weekend-long party so drop a line if you will be in the area. Im having a party at my house Sunday, so bring your drinking pants.


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