So what Dojo are you from?


I saw this youtube video on another blog and it instantly made my morning 100x better. Do you remember the first bonus stage in Street Fighter II where you had to destroy the car? Well this is some sort of mongoloid Ryu doing a real life reenactment. It starts off pretty slow and unfunny while he is ripping head lights out, but it immediately zooms off into hilariousity when he starts dropping flying elbows on the hood. *SPOILER ALERT* he lights the car on fire in the end but its not that cool and there wasnt any explosions. I was expecting at least one HADUKEN!! but I was sorely disappointed. Here is a screen cap I took of my favorite part. He borrows a move from Mario 64 and does a jumping butt-crush on the top of the car:

Everyone knows that E. Honda was the best for this bonus stage cause you could just keep doing that one move where he karate chops real quick over and over. I guess Blanca was also good if you used the electric shock move over and over, but that dude was green and not entirely human, and I only fuck with normal ninjas. PS Dhalsim was a pussy.

In other ninja news, this is a pretty old video, but I felt like putting it up anyway. You may recognize Afro Ninja somewhere in there. The other dudes are prime examples of Real Ultimate Power:


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