Smile at the Camera


I found this website that posts goofy family photos and makes a quip about the picture. Most of them were stupid or uncreative so I thought I would pull a OJ and take a stab at it. What? Was that in bad taste? Moving right along...

This family loves a day at the slopes. A little skiing, building a snow man, touching dad's leg...
I wonder how many panties dropped as a result of this picture for these kids in high school. This ranks #7 on worst things to show someone from your wallet...right behind "a rusty blood-stained razor blade" and right in front of "membership to NAMBLA"

Is this Aladdin's family all grown up?

Radagast the Curly in the back cast a Level 17 Ultimate Virginity spell on himself before putting on that outfit.

World's Best Dad, Im going to need you to take your creep smile down to a level six. I would bone your wife though, Ill give you that...oh and probably kick your dog on the way out.

"Hey lets get a family picture"
"Great Idea, Sue!"
"Wait lets all surround ourselves around Mom and Dad while they make out!"
"Another fantastic idea Sue, but can the grandkids also watch?"
"I dont see why not"
"Ok wonderful! Everyone take their positions!"
"Wait, lets all wear varying shades of blue to give off a Canadian Tuxedo vibe."
"Sue you are on fire today!"


OK I know this is 80s/early 90s but when was it ok to look like this. "Hey lets look like DOUBLE the asshole by posing with our identically dressed twins!". 10 extra points for what look like ass-less leather chaps over your acid-wash denim. Before I go to bed tonight Im going to pray that these people still pose for this picture every year...except that the dudes have gone bald and rock skullets.

Mr. and Mrs. 2009 Black Captain America.


Is this a recipe for a dysfunctional childhood? Mom get a razor for Christ sake and Dad please get your balls out of my face
I wish there were more pictures for me to post but the rest either werent funny or they had weird URLs and wouldnt let me link them. I thought about doing a Google image search and posting my own, but I think Ive looked at enough weirdos for the day. That is, until I go to my Quidditch practice today! Shotgun Gryffendor! No way you were Gryffendor last time! Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmm, he wont give me back my wand! Magical PEW PEW PEW.


Alex Schwartz said...
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Alex Schwartz said...

I couldn't publish incorrect english:

We shouldn't fail to mention the Dad of the Canadian Tuxedo family's leg position.

RDFIII said...

Wow didnt even notice that. Hes trying to penetrate her armpit with his raging mega erection.

Katie said...

my main prob is how the lil girl in the naked suit is grabbing her dads fake dick

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