Busy Day


I dont really have a big post planned that is going to knock your socks off since I am terribly busy at work today. The power went out twice this morning and really fucked everything up. The first outage was only about five minutes but when the second one happened fifteen minutes, it proved to be much longer. Everyone just sort of sat at their desks for a few minutes waiting for the lights to come back on until our safety commission (4 middle aged women armed with tiny flashlights) informed us we would need to relocate to the cafeteria. Now I didnt realize a power outage was that big of a deal to make us leave our desks, but apparently these women take their safety roles very seriously. Thanks Doris, I wouldnt want to just put my head down on my desk and hurt myself because there are no lights on. Its not like it was pitch black either. It was so boring just standing around. I actually tried to go back to my desk to get my keys so I could sit in my car but I would stopped by a flustered woman waving her flashlight in my face. After a 25 minute wait in the packed cafeteria (hope no one has hamthrax!) every employee was allowed to go back to their desks. What a waste of time.

I have seven full posts in the book now and have received some very positive feedback. Im very glad people have taken the time to contact me and let me know what they think of it, it gives me more motivation to write. There is nothing I love more in the world than making people laugh. Well I do love me some boobies, so Ill call it a tie. If you are a daily reader, please dont hesitate to leave a comment about the post or even an idea for a future post. My ultimate goal with this (when I get more readers) is to make this a very interactive blog. Once I get to that point I will explain in further detail what I mean, because its a pretty cool idea. The one downside to this blog is that I feel like my text column is too narrow. I like making random MS Paint stuff and feel their genius deserves full resolution but when I try to post them here, they get cut off on the sides. It is very frustrating. My HTML isnt really up to par and I havent seen a template that is simple enough to be comparable to what I have going on now, so for now, this column width will have to do.

On the personal front, things are going great. I dont really want this blog to be the run of the mill "oh yesterday I did this" or "I have feelings like that about" so Ill keep it short and sweet. Work is going well, living on my own is awesome, I play on a really good mens league basketball team once a week, and my social life is great. Im really looking forward to nice weather and the summer. For some reason I am really craving the beach, which I usually am indifferent about. Thats about it and I will end this post with a picture that has been cracking me up for the last few days:

This dog is awesome. I want to start a gang with him and dive into peoples' pictures rendering them ruined. If anyone knows this dog, tell him to leave a comment so I can get the ball rolling.

Also, here is a video I saw yesterday called the "Yes Dance". Its done by a couple of funny gay men in some sort of homosexual sex dungeon or something. No nudity and its probably SFW.


Kgleits said...

This video is making my dick hard.

JemaineJones33 said...

"I play on a really good mens league basketball team once a week"

Yeah i heard you guys are pretty good? word on the street is there are lots of good looking guys on ur team too

RDFIII said...

All members are past or present GQ models

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