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Im sitting here at my desk and its 6:40PM. I got asked to work late tonight even though everyone knows NOTHING is going on after 4 o'clock on a Friday. I mean its time & half and it pushes me over 50 hours for the week, but still Im just sitting here. Ive had 'What We Do' by Freeway ft. Jay-Z & Beanie Siegel on repeat for the last hour pretty loud because I am the only one within a 50ft radius. Ive been so busy this week that I havent even had time to write a real post...but dont fret, I have two pretty good ideas for next week & hopefully Ill snag some quality video of Kevy G this weekend. I figured I would just write off the top of my head in list form. Here goes:

  • Playing Mortal Kombat II
  • Riding go-karts
  • Sock 'em bopper war
  • Eating food
  • Sleeping
  • Railing bitches
  • Disregaurding safety
  • An attractive female member of your family
  • Paint by numbers window decorations
  • Civil War reenactments
  • Smashing my head in with a sledgehammer
  • Trying my hand at agriculture
  • Learning how to competitively jump-rump
  • Interview Mike Tyson (seriously though, he is the man)
  • Time traveling
  • Seeing the new Star Trek movie
  • Looking up Jessica Biel's skirt
  • Finding who really killed Nicole Brown Simpson
  • Collecting baseball cards
  • Drinking Ten High
  • Learning the ins and outs of holograms
  • Develop an eating disorder
  • Conquer said disorder
  • Get a tattoo of Stone Cold Steve Austin
  • Throw a myself
  • Blog

I could literally write anything down and it would be better than sitting here complaining about how this sucks. Ill go out on a limb here and say I would rather be a real life Bill Pullman (or is it Paxton) in the movie 'Tornado' and drive around chasing tornados than be here at work. Cause at least he gets to bone Helen Hunt at the end of the flick. Im over here getting the shaft and hes laying pipe on the chick from 'Mad About You'. HR is going to get a very angry note in the "improvement box". Actually I would never waste my time doing something like that. Only idiots think a small note like that would advent change. What Im going to do is take a big dump in the box and then let it heat up in the microwave for an hour. See ya on Monday!

For your listening and viewing pleasure I have decided to embedd possibly the worst greatest rap song and one of the coolest videos. Look for members of The Wire too.

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jemainejones33 said...

The movie is "Twister" not "Tornado"

Nate Alcott said this blog is NIIIIIIIIIIIIICE

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