I have been monitoring the traffic this blog has been getting over the last few days and have one question to ask myself. If I put ads on, would I be selling out or cashing in? The answer? Cashing in ya'll. I figure Ill be getting a few million unique hits a day fairly soon, so I decided to put some ads on my site for some cash flow. Now I know you are probably saying "But Russ what if you dont get a million hits, durrrrr" and shit like that but Im telling you now, this blog is going places. I am also looking for investors so I can add some sweet animation to my page or even get some sick HTML. Google says the ads should appear in 48 hours, so if you were thinking of telling India about me or some other huge base of readership, wait until then so I can collect some major cash flow from that. Until then, Ill be chilling out front of my new crib waiting to stack dough. Here is a picture my expensive photographer/publicist just took of me looking sweet and not taking shit from anyone:

And I know what you are thinking. Yes, those are my sacks of money and yes those are my stacks of money. This picture is 100% real (and Ballin'!!!!). You aint rich unless you own an ankylosaurus and whip 4 Rolls Royce Phantoms. My money is so long that Jay (not pictured, not wealthy enough) hand-delivered me my own Roc-A-Fella chain. Tell the Sultan of Dubai or Richard Branson to come see me cause I make them look like a third-world homeless person that somehow has negative money. And body odor. Broke bitches!!! Get at me if you need a loan or want to stay at the Russ-Mahal too.

Thumbnail if you want:
The full version is 100x more blinged out so click it.


Kgleits said...

Dolla dolla bill y'all

Katie said...

i see the ads! I am sooo over your blog now ya sell out LOLCATZ!!

Patrick said...

"50 Bentleys in the West Indies" ballin'? Not a chens. Son, you got one Bentley and he slobbered all over my bed/your couch.

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