Two of my friends are also bloggers and I figured I would take some time out of my busy baller schedule and give them some spotlight.

My friend Alex has a very well written and thought provoking blog, with many subject areas focusing on the recent college graduate. He did a piece with PhilaLawyer detailing his own personal experiences with the job bubble bust. I personally think he is one of the front runners in doing things in a new way as opposed to staying inside the box with your degree and working until you have enough money to retire in 30 years. You can find the blog/article here. A very intelligent give-and-take between an established writer and someone expanding their horizons fresh out of college. Alex's blog can be accessed here. He recently did a post on his idea of his ideal bar, which I am going to borrow and put my own spin on it in my next posting. *SPOILER ALERT* It has tons of topless chicks that shoot bourbon out of their nipples.

Another friend, Jon, has a sweet gig working for a NYC-area sports station that is similar to Philadelphia's CSN. Although he doesnt care for the Giants (eeek! dont tell his boss!) and roots for the Jets, he has a pretty sweet little Giants blog going on here. Now as a Philadelphia guy, I would rather wear hot waffle irons as winter mittens than read about New York sports teams, but I have taken a gander at a few posts and they arent that bad. They are far from awesome (simply because of the subject matter) but they are definitely the opposite of suck. Sadly, I have no plans on borrowing one of his posts to write about, although maybe Ill make a funny MS Paint collage making fun of the Giants.


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